Sunset at Wayanad Tea Estate, Wayanad

Wayanad Literally means ( Vayal: Fields /Naad: Land) 11°36′18″N 76°04′59″E

Wayanad also known as the “land of spicy hills” is located in north-eastern part kerala. It comes under the Malabar region known for trading of spices from ages..It forms an integral part of the wessternghats and comprises of a rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna.

Wayanad district was formed on the 1st of november 1980 as the 12th district of Kerala.Kalpetta was made the district head quarters. Sulthan Battery and Manandavady form the other taluks of the district.

Landcover and Landuse:

The landscape is composed Mountains, ( Chembra peak, Banasura peak, Brahmagiri ranges,muttil peak and Anna para)different forest types, scintillating streams , river Kabini and its tributaries and huge resorviors.The landuse is predominantly agrarian in the form paddy fields and estates of coffee and tea.

Getting here :

Can be reached only by Road,
Nearest Airport is Kozhikode international Airport
280 km from Bangaluru(Bangalore)
150 Km from Mysore
72km from Kozhikode( Calicut)
93 km from Kannur (Cannonore)

Wayanad offers a variety of natures flavour to one and all. In the form of forests and winding roads through the estates of coffee and tea along the NH212., numerous waterfalls cutting across the hills, adventurous trails through the mist clad hills. it offers a treat to wildlife entusiasts,outdoor adventurers along with a quiet and serene county side experience for the urban populus.

Enroute to Wayanad from Bangalore/Mysore on NH212 , one traverses through the the Bandipur National park and Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary from Gundelpet - Sulthan Battery .and Nagarhole National park and Tholpetty forest if one is coming from HD kote -Manandhavady route.

This gives one an excellent chance of spotting vibrant wildlife if driven slowly throgh these parks.Common sightings are elephants, deer,Gaur, wildboar , Malabar giant sqirrels, abundant birdlife along with insects and elusive amphibia and reptiles,Rare sightings of the cats such as jungle cat, Tiger, leopard, Black panther and bears have also been reported.

While driving from Calicut and Kannur we reach wayanad by climbing the winding ghats sections of Thamarasherry- Lakidi and Periya ghats if one is coming from Kannur. Offering a misty driving experience reaching Wayanad.

The Chembra Peak:

The Chembra Peak

It take a day to climb and trek to the peak and back. There is a freshwater lake a top the mountain. One needs permission to trek these parts which can be obtained at mepaddi. Aguide will accompany the tourist . These places can offer you glimpses of wildlife including deers and elephants and sometimes the elusive cats.

The Banasura Peak:

The Chembra Peak

overlooking the Banasura dam. Provides a scenic view of the wayanad.

Eddakkal Caves:

The Chembra Peak

Located at Ambalavayal around 17 km from Kalpetta on route to Sulthan Battery.Historic carvings adorn these caves.This site provides a supreme vantage point to see the hill scape of Wayanad. Best enjoyed, if visited on a clear day.It involves a climb to the caves through narrow passages amidst rocks. Keep in mind to carry good footwear and easy wear to climb.

Phantom Rock:

The Chembra Peak

Located on route between Kalpetta and Battery , The rock is majestic and has a distinct appearance overlooking the landscape.

The Water Front:

The Chembra Peak

Reservoirs, Rivers, streams and creeks

The Banasura dam:

The Chembra Peak

Located about 13km from kalpetta, This happens to be Asia’s second largest Earth dam. one must proceed on the Penangode road and join the banasura – vythiri route. The route is comprised of winding roads beside the reservoir.The reservoir sits facing the Banasura mountain peak . There is a speed boat facility organized by the dam authorities. Its one of the best landscapes that is present in wayanad.

The Kuruva dhweep island:

The Chembra Peak

This is located about 45 km from kalpetta, Kuruva island is about 950 acres of forested area and in between tranverses a tributary of river Kabini. This location is a paradise for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

Pookot lake:

The Chembra Peak

This is a fresh water lake surrounded by evergreen forests. Pookot lake is situated enroute to lakkidi, post vythiri you have to take a right turn from Calicut highway while travelling from kalpetta . This lake has boating facility and one can also walk on the periphery of the lake. This is a good birding site and sometimes squirrels can be seen.

Soochipara waterfalls:

The Chembra Peak

located about 22km from kalpetta. One has to pass mepaddi town and drive along road in between the tea estates to get to soochipara. One can get down to the base of the falls and enjoy the force of this stream which is perinial.

Kantanpara Waterfalls:

The Chembra Peak

Located about 32 km from kalpetta, After Mepaddi town along the ooty-Meppaddi road , one has to take a right turn and proceed 5km to reach the falls. Small vehicles can go till the falls. Buses have to be stopped about 2km and walked to reach here.

Meenmutty Falls:

The Chembra Peak

Located 29 km from Kalpetta, It is a three-tiered waterfall with a height of 300 metres.

Wilderness Havens: Muthanga wildlife sanctuary

The Chembra Peak

Located 43 km from kalpetta, its bordering bandipur national park. The kerala forest department has wildlife safaris into the sanctuary. Local jeeps take tourist inside the forest . it opens by 8am and evenings by 4pm. Wildlife sightings are good in these places.

Tholpetty forest:

The Chembra Peak

Located about 45 km from kalpetta, post Manadavadi, good place to sight elephants and ungulates and birds.

Pazhazzi Raja tomb

The Chembra Peak

Pazhassi Raja tomb is a memorial of the Pazhassi Raja who was seen as the lion of Kerala. He had a command over the entire regime. Pazhassi Raja organized a guerilla type of warfare against the British in ancient days and he is remembered for his valor. In remembrance of him, his mortal remains was laid to rest in the Pazhassi Raja tomb. Pazhassi Raja tomb is situated in the Wayanad district at Mananthavady. He was cremated in 1805 after the warfare against British East India Company.

Ficus Tree

The Chembra Peak

The road of the Tamarasherry ghats between adivaram to Lakkidi and Vythiri, was constructed with the help of tribal guide who was murdered by the British. After which his spirit started to haunt all the travelers along this route. Unable, to withstand the misadventures of this ghost, a preist was summoned to capture the ghost and he chained the troublesome spirit to this Ficus tree.

Jain Temple: Sultan Battery

The Chembra Peak

Generally known as Tippu's Fort, this temple is situated in town which got its name from the historic fact that Tippu used this temple as his Battery (ammunition store) in the region. Hence the name "Sulthan's Battery". This temple is one of the most important amongst a series of ruins spread across the state of Kerala that testify to a period of a strong Jain presence in this region. Believed to have been built in the 13th century, it served as a Hindu shrine, an important centre for commercial activity and eventually as a Battery.

Distances from: KPA-24 Km, SBY-1 Km, MDY-41 Km

Apart from Sulthan Bathery temple, there are other significant Jain remnants in Wayanad. The temples at Punchavayal and Puthanangadi are the best known of these. With their beautifully carved pillars now partly ruined, and the area rather derelict, these sites exude a particular air of mystery.

Places of religious significance:

The Chembra Peak

This stunning temple of rather perfect architectural proportions, is inextricably linked with the Vishnu temple at Thirunelly. It is believed that the performance of ancestral rites at Thirunelly remain unfinished unless followed by offerings at this temple. Within the premises there is also a shrine devoted to Jala Durga, believed to have been installed by no less than the legendary Parasurama.

Distances from: KPA-50Km, SBY-25 Km, MDY-41 Km

Puliyarmala Jain temple :

The Chembra Peak

Anathanatha swamy Jain temple

This is one of the main temples for the jain community.Its almost 60 year temple.

Vantage view points:

The Chembra Peak

Lakkadi view point located about 22 km from kalpetta on route to Kozhikode ,one encounters a ghats section this is located at the top of the ghats.

Standing here one can have a vantage view of the valley below.