Wayanad literally means (Wayal: Fields /Naad: Land) 11°36′18″N 76°04′59″E

Wayanad also known as the "land of spicy hills" is located in north-eastern part kerala. It comes under the malabar region known for trading of spices from ages. It forms an integral part of the westernghats and comprises of a rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna.

Wayanad district was formed on the 1st of november 1980 as the 12th district of Kerala. Kalpetta was made the district head quarters. Sulthan Battery and Manandavady are the other taluks of the district.

Landcover and Landuse:
The landscape is composed Mountains (Chembra peak, Banasura peak, Brahmagiri ranges, Muttil peak and Anna para), different forest types, scintillating streams, river Kabini and its tributaries and huge resorviors. The land use is predominantly agrarian in the form paddy fields and estates of coffee and tea.

Wayanad offers a variety of natures flavour to one and all. In the form of forests and winding roads through the estates of coffee and tea, numerous waterfalls cutting across the hills, adventurous trails through the mist clad hills. it offers a treat to wildlife entusiasts, outdoor adventurers along with a quiet and serene county side experience for the urban populus.